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Keep Track is a music organising and playing program (mainly MP3 and WMA files) for individuals and DJs.  Add your music tracks to a database and create batches (playlists).  While playing through a playlist using the Search window you can add (e.g. if someone requests a specific track), remove and change the order of tracks.  Tracks fade out and overlap to give a professional sound.

In the main window, tracks are organised into two lists: artists are displayed on the left and when clicked on, the artist's tracks appear on the right.

You can associate pictures with the artists and tracks, which can be embedded into the database.  You can also embed tracks for easy storage and distribution.  Tracks can be grouped together in batches too so that you can store tracks together in albums, as favourites, playlists, etc. Full track information can be stored within the database too, including genre, date, lyrics and notes.

Tracks can be copied by the program to the Windows CD burning folder ready for burning to a CD.  They can also be exported as shortcuts so that you can use them in games, e.g. Grand Theft Auto III (onwards) & The Sims.

Tracks are played simply by clicking on them or sequentially or randomly with the program's playlist features.

Keep Track Statistics shows how many times you have played a track and when it was last played - for all tracks in all databases.  A full HTML (web page) report can be generated showing all details of your database - including pictures and Keep Track Statistics.  Alter the look of Keep Track by changing the font, size and colour of text and the background image.

This version has been updated for Windows Vista and will work on Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

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